Community Survey - Castlecomer Discovery Park

Castlecomer Discovery Park is a very successful community enterprise which offers a wide range of recreational and educational activities including scenic walking trails, boating, adventure activities, a coal-mining museum and many other attractions. It wished to conduct a survey of the community in Castlecomer to obtain the views of individuals and businesses on the Discovery Park and the activities of the Company in general.

Market Dynamics recommended conducted an online survey, promoting it heavily in local press, radio and social media ensuring that everyone was given the opportunity to participate in the survey and give their views and ideas. A hard-copy version of the survey would also be provided for those without online access.

The project was a great success with 308 people taking the time to complete the survey, an excellent sample of the local adult population. The findings showed that the Park adds to the quality of life of the area, is a source of local pride and has a positive economic impact. Respondents provided ideas for new services and suggestions on what improvements might be made to the Park’s offering. Market Dynamics produced a number of recommendations to the Park’s management on how it could best use the input obtained in its future planning process and the importance of continuing to engage with the local community at all stages.

The project showed that it is vitally important when conducting a community survey to promote it effectively so that everyone is aware. When they are invited to participate members of the community will generally be happy to engage.