Digital Strategy Tipperary - Update 2022

The Covid pandemic brought major changes to the lives of people in every part of the world. One of the biggest impacts saw an acceleration of the adoption and use of digital technologies.  For this reason Tipperary County Council considered it essential to review its Digital Strategy and to update the objectives and actions in light of these changes.

Market Dynamics was commissioned to conduct some desk research, interviews and focus groups and  provide an updated report, identifying actions that had been completed, assessing progress on others and drawing up new objectives and associated actions. This work was completed during 2021 and the report in early 2022.

Whilst Covid-19 hindered progress across a wide range of everyday activity, it turned the slow transitioning digital evolution into a digital revolution.  This new plan will ensure that County Tipperary accelerates its digital capabilities as a County, intensifying and growing all opportunities that will place County Tipperary as a fore-runner in addressing change.