Strategic Plans

Every organisation needs to have a strategy that guides its day to day operations. This strategy needs to be outlined in a written plan that is updated regularly. In addition to an overarching strategy the organisation will also, from time to time, need to devise additional strategies that pertain to specific focus areas for the organisations. 

For public sector organisations the development of strategic plans is particularly challenging. It is a key requirement that the views of all ‘stakeholders’ are obtained and analysed. These stakeholders can range from internal staff, external organisations, businesses, citizens, as well as disadvantaged groups. A wide range of research techniques may need to be deployed to ensure all can have a say. This may require a variety of survey techniques to be used, workshops/focus groups to be conducted and more detailed interviews to be carried out with individuals. All of this input has to be analysed and converted to a series of objectives and related actions to be agreed and included in the final plan. Market Dynamics has the skills required to successfully develop your Strategic Plan. 

Why commission a Strategic Plan?

  • you have a requirement to develop a strategy pertaining to particular part of your operation 
  • there are many stakeholders both within and outside your organisation
  • you require a range of capabilities including survey design, interviewing workshop moderation, analysis, presenting and report writing skills.